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Projects funded through Wick Award Community Chest

Projects funded 2016-2017

-Wick Village Community Garden

-Hackney Wick FC

"-Take Stock Story-telling Project

-Gascoyne Estate Local History Project

-Hub67 After School Club

-Well Street Traders and Residents' Association Market

-Trowbridge Seniors Community Party

-Creative Wick Film School

-Gascoyne Over 50s Community Party

-Hackney Wick Forest School Project

-Gascoyne and Morningside Youth Club

-St Andrew's Trust - Youth football

Projects funded 2015-2016

-Hackney Wick FC

-Inside Hackney- Guide to Hackney Wick

-Voice of Youth - Music project

-Hands Inc -Chair-based Exercise at John Crewdson Court

-Bags of Taste - Healthy Eating on a Budget

-Sev Necati-Self Esteem and Assertiveness Training for Women and Girls

- Hackney Playbus

- Well Street Residents' and Traders' Association Christmas Market and Community Party

- Children Centre at Gainsborough and Wentworth 

Please see the Community GrantsReport 2016 for projects Wick Award has funded. 

The Wick Award Community Fund was established in December 2014 as a response to addressing community needs within the Wick ward in the London borough of Hackney. Based on community research undertaken by Wick Award, the Fund aimed to build on local talents and aspirations, in line with objectives of their Big Local Programme, to make Hackney Wick a better place to live now, and in the future. East End Community Foundation, as the Local Trusted Organisation, administered the Community Fund.

The Wick Award Community Fund had a budget of £30,000 to distribute in grants of up to £5,000. Grants were made available under three themes and for each theme there was guidance on what the Fund was looking to support. Applicants had to demonstrate that they were connected with, and meeting the needs of, the local community and that their project was a good fit with the programme guidelines. The themes of the grant programme were:

·         Improving and Promoting Health and Wellbeing

·         Building Community Spirit

·         Creating Opportunities for Young People

Three grant rounds were held in March, July and November 2015. A total of 20 applications were received requesting £87,944. Eight grants were awarded with the average grant size being £3,750. Each application was assessed by the EECF grants team and presented to the Wick Award grants panel for consideration. The EECF Grants Committee approved the grant recommendations made by the Wick Award grants panel.

Please see below for a breakdown of the supported projects.


- Jumping Beans Summer Programme

Jumping Beans provided a fun  Summer Programme based in Gascoyne 2 Community Hall.

Children got involved in a range of healthy eating and exercise activities delivered by children with voices a project set up by a local mum and supported by some great volunteers.

The kids had fun cooking and trying different foods, even harvesting their own fruit and vegs from a local community garden and developing healthy habits to take them through life.

Hub 67 Community Centre

Multi-coloured cupcakes bring families to Hub 67

Cupcake making was one of several activities Hub 67 ran during May 2015 half term. The project aimed to bring families together in a safe educational environment and to get new people coming into the building. The workshop was lead by Maxine Boyce, who grew up in Homerton and is the founder of the well established charity Hackney Young People’s University.

The workshop provided families with the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to bake cupcakes to a professional standard, whilst learning how to measure ingredients and follow a recipe. Eight people attended and left with multi-coloured cupcakes to take home. It was a relaxed and creative session and acted as a taster into what Hub 67 is like – all of the children came back for regular sessions at the afterschool club run by Skyway charity for 8 to 12 years.

The afterschool club will be returning to Hub 67 on Friday 11 September, 4.00pm-5.30pm with qualified youth workers, fun activities and support with homework. Further family learning activities include Toddler Tempo and Pumpkin Party, as part of Hackney Learning Trust’s Family Learning Festival.

Hub 67 is a new community space in Hackney Wick, made from recycled and reused materials from the 2012 Olympic Games. It is here for residents of all ages and is currently recruiting a street team of young people to involve under 21’s in decision making and planning activities.

We are also developing projects with older people and the local senior citizen club. In September, Hub 67 is launching a clothes exchange for children’s clothing, so that items that are no longer the right size or unwanted can be swapped for other clothes or toys.

To help promote Hub 67 and the Wick Award, a local teenager and youth film makers ‘Mouth That Roars’ created a film, which can be viewed here

Hub 67 has been open five days a week since March 2015, during this time we have had 1375 visitors to the building. Hub 67 is busy planning for a Hackney Wick Festival 19 and 20 September and is also hosting a youth conference with the University of East London and Cambridge University on 9 September.

Hub 67 recently hosted two dance workshops by Random Dance, with a group of adults with learning disabilities and the afterschool club. Random Dance is a contemporary dance company, currently resident at Sadler’s Wells but are making links with the local community as they are due to be moving to a new building in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

The workshops focused on unlocking individuals’ movement potential, using visual, acoustic and kinaesthetic imagery as stimulus for creating movement. Previous dance experience was not required and both groups enjoyed the sessions. 

The Trowbridge Centre (a day centre for adults with learning disabilities in Hackney Wick) has previously attended several activities at Hub 67, they commented “The guys really enjoyed it and were enthusiastic.  The two dancers were clearly professionals who knew how to engage with this particular client group. It was a real taster.”

The Director of Creative Learning at Random Dance, Jasmine Wilson said “It was great to work with diverse members of the local community in a space that they know and feel comfortable in. We would definitely be interested in developing further links with Hub67.” Hub 67 has plans to set up a regular social club for adults with learning disabilities and to recruit local volunteers to lead this and be a place to share interests and skills.

Off Centre Young Peoples’ Counselling Service

Wick Award funds Off-Centre to provide a one-to-one counselling service for young people living in Hackney Wick. The counselling has provided a lifeline for young people dealing with emotional difficulties. The case studies provides insight into the impact of wellbeing projects funded by Wick Award.

(Names have been changed to protect the identity of clients)

 Fatima is 18, and comes from a Muslim family whose conservative traditions she strongly rejects. Her childhood was extremely traumatising for her, due to severe bullying and domestic violence. She also has MS. When she first came to off-Centre for support, despite being very academically successful, she had dropped out of her first year of University due to her severe social anxiety. Even a bus ride could trigger panic. She felt paranoid that she would be attacked whenever she left home.  Fatima also spent several nights each month sleeping rough after arguments with her parents. When she arrived at Off Centre Fatima said that she felt very depressed and had contemplated suicide.

Off Centre offered Fatima Art Therapy providing 12 weekly individual art therapy sessions in which she was able to develop a trusting relationship with her therapist and became able to express herself and explore issues and options available to her.

Fatima made fantastic progress, and said “talking through issues with my Off Centre therapist has saved me countless hours of overanalysing them alone. I’ve also become more comfortable about other people, I am now more open & honest, & talkative to people”. Fatima is developing her confidence and managing in social situations, and can now use public transport on her own and spend time with her friends without feeling panicked. With the support of the Off-Centre Caseworker, Fatima even managed to attend an interview for University. The Off-Centre Caseworker also made sure Fatima had access to emergency hostel accommodation when she needed it.

Fatima would have been ineligible for a service (too severe), and the latter would disqualify her from

Off-Centre Was able to use funding from Wick Award to provide Fatima with the therapy she needed  to avoid a rapid deterioration in her mental health.

Fatima said “Without Off Centre I would have no one to express my thoughts to. My thoughts would linger in my mind and eat away at what little hope I have for the future.”

 Fatima wrote the following poem for her Off-Centre therapist:

This year has flown by very fast indeed,

In which you have nurtured my little seed,

Off Centre has been such a help to me,

Providing me with weekly Art Therapy,


You created a safe and healthy atmosphere,

Where you calmed my every worry or fear,

Encouraged me to pursue my degree,

Not letting anyone discourage me,


You empathised and understood,

You tried to do all you could,

To make my life easier and brighter,

Calmed my worries, made them lighter,


A great listening ear you gave,

Potential mistakes you did save,

Put me on the right track in life,

Told me I would make a wonderful wife,


Patience and belief in me you declared,

Within every response that you shared,

Even though I wanted to race ahead,

You showed me how to relax instead,


A therapist like you is hard to find,

As you are really one of a kind!

I think at the beginning I was a little shy,

Now I am left wondering why?!


I will miss the sessions every week,

As I will now be left to seek,

Face to face solutions and expression all alone,

It is never the same when speaking on the phone!


Thank you for all your input and care,

You devotion shone through – I am aware,

I wish you continued success in your career,

May you help many other people here.

Albion Kids’ Show

Albion Kid’s Show based in Hackney Wick was established in 1982 and is Hackney’s very own  mobile estate play project providing a wide choice of play, sports, arts & crafts activities for young people. AKS has nurtured and inspired generations of children.

Trained playworkers travel to sites across the borough to set up inspirational play opportunities for young people on their door-step. Using specially adapted lorries and trailers AKS brings play and magic to estates and events. A trailer pops up to become a pirate ship rigged for adventure, the towing lorry becomes a stage where children can practice and share off performance skills.

AKS equipment and programmes have been developed over the years to meet the needs of different groups of children. Activities including music, circus skills, puppets and arts and crafts are always free to children, offering them choice and opportunities to develop confidence and make friends.

Wick Award has provided a grant to AKS enabling them to provide their magical play opportunities for children in Hackney Wick. Take part in AKS free activities on estates and in parks across Hackney Wick this summer.

- City & Hackney Mind Employment Project 

Wick Award has funded City and Hackney Mind to support Hackney Wick residents coping with mental health issues to get back into work. Here is the story of one service user benefiting from the project;

Daniel’s Story "I was made redundant in 2000 and I took it very badly. I did not apply for any work after that because of a fear of interviews that I had developed and the anxiety that went with it. I spent the next eleven years stuck in the benefits system. Over the years I became deeply depressed and socially withdrawn. Eventually in 2011 I spoke to my doctor and she suggested CBT.

"My therapist arranged for me to see the employment adviser, Ian [a City and Hackney Mind staff member based within local NHS IAPT services]. When I first met him, I did not have an up to date CV, my computer literacy was awful and I did not have any confidence in filling out applications.  Ian helped me sort out my CV and write my first job application supporting statement, giving me a good template for future applications. He also booked me onto some employment workshops at Mind that focused on overcoming some of the obstacles that stopped me returning to work. Ian also thought it would be a good idea for me to update my computer skills and arranged for me to go over to City and Hackney Mind where I met my IT tutor, Rob.

"Rob enrolled me onto a short ten-week basic computer literacy course. The course enabled me to manage files and to apply for work online. After that he suggested that I take a certificated course, giving me a qualification that would increase my employability. Whilst on the course I continued my therapy, and Ian arranged for me to start having some practice interviews, which were daunting but very useful. I got better at applying for jobs and it was not long before I received my first invite for an interview. I did not get the job but did start getting more interviews and on the third occasion I was offered the position.

"I am now back in full time work, computer literate and getting my life back on track. None of this would have been possible without the support that I received from everybody at the hospital and at City and Hackney Mind.

*Name and photo identity have been changed.

-Rainbow Suppers LGBT Elders' Supper Club

-Hackney Wick Forest School Project

-Gascoyne and Morningside Youth Club

-Rainbow Suppers LGBT Elders Supper Club

-Inside Hackney Guide to Hackney Wick

-Hackney Wick Boulders Project

-St Andrew's Trust Youth Football

-Madiba Gardens 

-Gainsborough School Drama Club

-Well Street Common Festival 2017

-Children's Centre Parents' Voice Christmas Party

- Gasgoyne 2 Tenants' and Residents' Association Community Party

- London Reclaimed Community Gardening Project

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