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Social Housing and support for community organisations top concerns in response to LDDC consultation

posted 27 Jan 2018, 00:12 by Hackney Wick
Review of the  Legacy Corporation Local Plan

In December, the Wick Award community partnership and LDDC worked together to discuss LLDC plans to develop Hackney Wick and Fish Island to local residents at Trowbridge Community Hall. It was a useful meeting and everyone welcomed the communication from LDDC

Key concerns raised by people attending the meeting included;

  • Social housing, not "affordable" housing should be available to local people
  • Housing priority should focus on local need not opportunity for investment
  • Local people should have a real voice in the plan. There should be an on-going and  creative ways of involving local people in decisions about the use and design of land, especially of publicly owned land
  • Concerns about pressure on local health and education services must be addressed
  • Need for clear strategy for ensuring assets for the local community are delivered through the significant developments yet to come in the       form of both capital assets and revenue streams
  • Local people should be involved in the ongoing running of the park, including the programming of activities and there should be transparency on how this is done
  • Need for revenue to sustain offer access to  park facilities for local resident
  • Employment opportunities generated by development should be actively promoted to local residents

These concerns have been forwarded to the LLDC but residents in the area still have the opportunity to have a say before the consultation closes on  Monday 29 January 2018

The Local Plan Review Consultation booklet and summary information can be downloaded below.