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Housing plans for Olympic Park to be updated in 2018 - report back from community event

posted 25 Mar 2018, 08:53 by Hackney Wick



·      Just over a decade ago, 50% of the private rented sector in Hackney was accessible by people on low income or Housing Benefit, That figure now stands at 3%.


·      3000 Hackney families are living in temporary accommodation


·      1/44 Hackney residents are homeless


These are just some of the facts about the changing nature of housing in Hackney that was raised at an event on 9 March.


 Wick Award in partnership with Hackney Council and LDDC arranged a meeting to share information about housing provision in Hackney Wick. The focus was on 'affordable housing', given this was a key concern Wick residents raised in their response to the recent LDDC consultation.


All the presentations are available on the Wick Award website. Key points raised in the meeting were:


-       ‘Affordable’ housing is a broad term that covers a number of different types of housing

-       There are moves by the Mayor to create a new form of intermediate rented housing – London Living Rent

-       The number of annual lettings in the social housing sector is not enough to meet the pent-up demand of those waiting for housing. This means people have to move away or live in over-crowded accommodation.

-       The council is responding by building new homes itself, funding new social rented housing built by Housing Associations, putting pressure on developers to maximise affordable housing and lobbying Government for policy changes

-       LDDC is planning for 7000 homes in the Olympic Park area, of which 900 at Chobham Manor. Many more are being built on the fringes

-       The proposed tenure split is 30% affordable (of which 30% is social rent, and the rest being intermediate or shared ownership).

-       There will be new community facilities coming to the park, such as libraries, (Tower Hamlets  Council have said that they do not have funding to operate the library proposed)

-       There will be one big private sector landlord ( partly to prevent lots of buy-to-let investors)


Questions from the audience included:


Is it true that the new flats will be marketed overseas? How transparent is the process?

·      The LLDC is committed to marketing in London first before promoting overseas. Of the 70% of properties that will be sold, half will be for purchase and half for a private rented sector fund, under a single landlord.


Will Hackney build homes itself?


·      Hackney Council will use their own design standards and builders, not development companies to build properties for social rent . They are forced to sell other properties in this development to fund the scheme.


The event closed with the Film by Derek Smith - Gascoyne Lives - this poignant film charts the stories of long-term residents on the Gascyone Estate, discussing work, memories, and relationships. It highlights the community spirit created by the design of the estate and the common experiences of those living on it. It is available on YouTube (search: Gascoyne Lives)


The current LDDC plan is under review so 2018 should set the final shape of the development in and around the Park. There will be more information coming out. Wick Award partnership is supporting local residents to understand the position and the options for them (both as individuals/families and the community as a whole).

Hackney Wick,
25 Mar 2018, 08:53
Hackney Wick,
25 Mar 2018, 08:53