Housing plans for Olympic Park to be updated in 2018 - report back from community event

posted 25 Mar 2018, 08:53 by Hackney Wick



·      Just over a decade ago, 50% of the private rented sector in Hackney was accessible by people on low income or Housing Benefit, That figure now stands at 3%.


·      3000 Hackney families are living in temporary accommodation


·      1/44 Hackney residents are homeless


These are just some of the facts about the changing nature of housing in Hackney that was raised at an event on 9 March.


 Wick Award in partnership with Hackney Council and LDDC arranged a meeting to share information about housing provision in Hackney Wick. The focus was on 'affordable housing', given this was a key concern Wick residents raised in their response to the recent LDDC consultation.


All the presentations are available on the Wick Award website. Key points raised in the meeting were:


-       ‘Affordable’ housing is a broad term that covers a number of different types of housing

-       There are moves by the Mayor to create a new form of intermediate rented housing – London Living Rent

-       The number of annual lettings in the social housing sector is not enough to meet the pent-up demand of those waiting for housing. This means people have to move away or live in over-crowded accommodation.

-       The council is responding by building new homes itself, funding new social rented housing built by Housing Associations, putting pressure on developers to maximise affordable housing and lobbying Government for policy changes

-       LDDC is planning for 7000 homes in the Olympic Park area, of which 900 at Chobham Manor. Many more are being built on the fringes

-       The proposed tenure split is 30% affordable (of which 30% is social rent, and the rest being intermediate or shared ownership).

-       There will be new community facilities coming to the park, such as libraries, (Tower Hamlets  Council have said that they do not have funding to operate the library proposed)

-       There will be one big private sector landlord ( partly to prevent lots of buy-to-let investors)


Questions from the audience included:


Is it true that the new flats will be marketed overseas? How transparent is the process?

·      The LLDC is committed to marketing in London first before promoting overseas. Of the 70% of properties that will be sold, half will be for purchase and half for a private rented sector fund, under a single landlord.


Will Hackney build homes itself?


·      Hackney Council will use their own design standards and builders, not development companies to build properties for social rent . They are forced to sell other properties in this development to fund the scheme.


The event closed with the Film by Derek Smith - Gascoyne Lives - this poignant film charts the stories of long-term residents on the Gascyone Estate, discussing work, memories, and relationships. It highlights the community spirit created by the design of the estate and the common experiences of those living on it. It is available on YouTube (search: Gascoyne Lives)


The current LDDC plan is under review so 2018 should set the final shape of the development in and around the Park. There will be more information coming out. Wick Award partnership is supporting local residents to understand the position and the options for them (both as individuals/families and the community as a whole).

Social Housing and support for community organisations top concerns in response to LDDC consultation

posted 27 Jan 2018, 00:12 by Hackney Wick

Review of the  Legacy Corporation Local Plan

In December, the Wick Award community partnership and LDDC worked together to discuss LLDC plans to develop Hackney Wick and Fish Island to local residents at Trowbridge Community Hall. It was a useful meeting and everyone welcomed the communication from LDDC

Key concerns raised by people attending the meeting included;

  • Social housing, not "affordable" housing should be available to local people
  • Housing priority should focus on local need not opportunity for investment
  • Local people should have a real voice in the plan. There should be an on-going and  creative ways of involving local people in decisions about the use and design of land, especially of publicly owned land
  • Concerns about pressure on local health and education services must be addressed
  • Need for clear strategy for ensuring assets for the local community are delivered through the significant developments yet to come in the       form of both capital assets and revenue streams
  • Local people should be involved in the ongoing running of the park, including the programming of activities and there should be transparency on how this is done
  • Need for revenue to sustain offer access to  park facilities for local resident
  • Employment opportunities generated by development should be actively promoted to local residents

These concerns have been forwarded to the LLDC but residents in the area still have the opportunity to have a say before the consultation closes on  Monday 29 January 2018

The Local Plan Review Consultation booklet and summary information can be downloaded below.


What's Going on in Hackney Wick?

posted 12 Nov 2017, 00:14 by Kirby Swales   [ updated 12 Nov 2017, 00:15 ]

Find out about the plans for new buildings and streets in the area. Join Wick Award for refreshments and to chat about how local residents can benefit from changes.

We will be joined by representatives from the London Development Corporation and Hackney Council. Don't miss this important opportunity.

WEDNESDAY 6 DECEMBER 2017, 5.30-7.00

Trowbridge Community Hall, E9 5HF

Partnership Planning Session February 8 6.30-9.30 pm Prideaux House E9

posted 18 Jan 2017, 06:44 by Polly Mann   [ updated 18 Jan 2017, 06:45 ]

All Partnership Members and friends are invited to join us to develop our Plan for 2017 and beyond.
We will be focusing on developing our  key themes;
  • Making Use of Green Space
  • Developing a Wick Award Youth voice 
  • Connecting our community
Join us for a light supper and plenty of ideas. Please let Polly know if you are planning to come so that we can organise food.

Christmas Knees Up

posted 10 Oct 2016, 02:05 by Polly Mann   [ updated 21 Oct 2016, 03:15 ]

Christmas Knees Up
Friday December 16
5-8 pm.  Free for all Hackney Wick over 60s.

Live band.  Dancing.  Dj  Gordon.
Xmas tea and entertainment.

Transport available if needed.
At Trowbridge Community Hall.

15 Lavington close E9 5HF.

Contact Polly to find out more 07482 320992.

What's on

posted 5 Oct 2016, 07:37 by Polly Mann   [ updated 12 Oct 2016, 03:28 ]

Weekly FILM CLUB free for local residents. Every Wednesday at 11am at John Crewdson court Annis Rd E9.

Community Chest Funding

posted 3 Oct 2016, 03:56 by Polly Mann   [ updated 21 Oct 2016, 03:17 ]

Community Chest Funding next round opens November 7, closes November 21.

Have you got an idea to make Hackney Wick even better?

Wick Award offers up to £1000 for projects to improve well being, create opportunities for young people and get people together in Hackney Wick.

See Wick Award website for more details

Wick Award receiving comms support through volunteer programme

posted 21 Sep 2016, 09:18 by Polly Mann   [ updated 12 Oct 2016, 03:31 ]

By Laura Gracia

Poached Creative has teamed up with Wick Award to offer a volunteer training position, for a Hackney Wick resident to gain skills and help develop their PR and communications strategy.

Wick Award is a Big Local project, funded by the National Lottery, to support local initiatives in Hackney Wick and help people grow good ideas. Wick Award priorities are to promote wellbeing for all, create opportunities for young people, and making sure Wick residents benefit from training, employment and self-employment opportunities.

By working with Poached Creative Wick Award is receiving communications support for their campaigns and events and the trainee volunteer is developing communication skills in writing, social media and online publishing.

Wick Award Development Worker, Polly Mann, said: “I'm really pleased that we are working with Poached Creative to provide a brilliant training opportunity for a local resident, at the same time as getting some excellent communications support. The comms role is an important opportunity for young and local volunteers interested in helping grow the community in Hackney Wick.”

Through one to one mentoring and support the volunteer will help provide web and social media support to improve the visibility of Wick Award projects, expand their communication networks, find new supporters and promote future events.

Upcoming events and projects that Poached will be helping to promote include the Wick Award Wellbeing Forum; where residents come and design local activities to help the community stay well and the Wick Award Community Chest Fund; which grants up to £1,000 to local groups for community initiatives.  

To find out more about Wick Award activities and opportunities please check the website. For news and event updates like their Facebook page or follow on Twitter.

Wick Award launches Big Local Training Programme

posted 16 Sep 2016, 04:45 by Polly Mann   [ updated 12 Oct 2016, 03:32 ]

Wick Award has got together with other London-based Big Locals to organise a programme of training on volunteering and its legal aspects. The Big Local Training Programme runs from October 2016 to March 2017 and is for people interested in volunteering who live or work within a Big Local area.

Supported by Big Lottery Fund, Big Locals bring together local talents to help social enterprises and community groups make a difference in their area. Delivered by Directory of Social Change, the programme will focus on different aspects of volunteering within a Big Local, such as how to set up as an independent legal entity and its key responsibilities and requirements.

Participants will be trained in project management, financial advice, events production, social media and other aspects relating to the development of Big local activities for the benefit of the wider community.

Partnership members, those volunteering and others active locally in Big Local areas are welcome to attend. 

Programme outline:

-Getting people involved when they are volunteering. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 8 October 2016. 

Mike Phillips, Training Consultant with Directory of Social Change, will introduce participants to good practice in recruiting and working with volunteers.

- Incorporation and Legal Entities – what are your options? 10.30am - 4pm, Saturday 5 November 2016. 

Alan Clarkin, Associate Trainer with Directory of Social Change, will introduce participants to legal structures in Big Local  groups.

How do we know we are being effective? Measuring impact and change. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 3 December 2016. 

Wendy Sugarman, Company Director, WSA Community Consultants will introduce  the  tools and techniques to measure the impact of the work delivered through the Big Local programme.

Planning Projects and Events. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 7 January 2017. 

Elizabeth Gray-King, Associate Trainer with Directory of Social Change will help plan, manage and monitor the participants’ projects effectively and efficiently.

Social Media Workshop. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 4 February 2017. 

Matt Haworth, Co-founder, Reason Digital, will give an overview of social media for Big Local groups.

Presentation Skills Workshop. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 4 February 2017. 

Cathy Shimmin, Directory of Social Change, will give practical and effective tips and tools for creating and delivering presentations that have impact.

Financial Planning. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 4 March 2017. 

Grace Smith, Associate Trainer with Directory of Social Change, will demystify figures and give some basic insight into budgets, costing, and  responsibilities in charity finance.

- Effective Meetings. 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 4 March 2017. 

Mike Phillips, Training Consultant with Directory of Social Change will teach on how to improve meetings in a productive, efficient and purposeful manner.


More information:

These courses are delivered on one day and are free to attend. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Local Trust provides financial support for travel, childcare and other care costs to residents in Big Local areas, and can also book and pay for travel in advance.

All courses will run at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ. 

How to book

If you would like to attend a course please contact polly.mann@wickaward.co.uk 

WickAward Wellbeing Forum September 15

posted 16 Sep 2016, 03:56 by Polly Mann   [ updated 12 Oct 2016, 03:32 ]

Hackney Wick residents have come up with their own definition of wellbeing. Last night we got together at Prideaux House to focus on developing projects to improve wellbeing for all residents in Hackney Wick.

We looked at how we make Hackney Wick an even better place to live by making the most of the resources we have in the area. In particular how we could:

- add value to projects making use of the great green space and new amenities on Mabley Green.

- work with Hackney Housing and residents on Gascoyne 2 to make the community hall into a happening hub.

- engage the most isolated people in activities where they can meet their neighbours and share skills.

Wick Award will be using these ideas to support local people run activities this autumm.

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